SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate CAS 1561-92-8

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SMAS, a new type sulfate anionic suprafactant, is now available. It can dissolve easily in water. CAS No. : 1561-92-8
Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: Light powder
Packaging: 25kg/bag

About SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate:
SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate is a new type of sulfate anionic surfactant. This surfactant is easy to dissolve in water. It has excellent dispersibility and compatibility with hardwater.

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Product Performance of SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate:
SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate has excellent penetration, decontamination, emulsification and hard water resistance. SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate has good alkali resistance and rich foam. This agent is excellent as a penetrant and dispersant.

Technical Parameter of SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate:

Product Name Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate
Kurz Name SMAS
Purity 99.5%
Appearance Wet powder
Sulfate 0.07%
Chlorides 0.06%
Fe 0.000035%
Dry weight loss 0.32%

Applicaciones SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate:

1. SMAS This is used to make polycarboxylic acids high-performance water reducer agent, maleic and ether polyethylene glycol monomethylether, methacrylic, etc. It ensures that product addition amounts are low, water reduction rates are high and retardation is good. Qinshui.
2. It is used in water treatment chemicals to form a monomer of corrosion and scale inhibitors.
3. Used in petrochemicals, and acrylamide, acrylic acid, acrylamido propyl trimethyl ammonium chloride, acrylamido ethyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, diethyl diallyl ammonium chloride, alkene Copolymerization of propyltrimethylammonium chloride, etc., can be used as a dispersant, fluid loss agent, and has the effects of high temperature resistance and salt resistance.
4. Use as the third component of acrylic fiber. It can be used to enhance the dyeing capabilities of the fiber.
5. It is used as a coating agent to create thermosetting acrylic resin.
6. A monomer of flocculant SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate It is co-polymerized with Acrylamide.
7. Dispersant can also be made by copolymerization using itaconic and methacrylic acids.
8. Useful for electronic and material processing.
9. SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate This product is ideal for soil enhancement. It can be polymerized using sodium acrylate or styreneacrylic emulsion and polyvinyl al. This product is used to improve the fertility retention in red soil and it has strong adsorption capacity for ammonium ions as well as nitrates.
10. SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate This oil displacement agent is used in oil field oil fields to extract tertiary oils.
11. It is used in papermaking additives as a dry strength ingredient to improve product quality and strength.
12. It is used in cement additives as a plasticizer.

Packing & Shipping of SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate:
We have many different kinds of packing which depend on SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate quantity.
SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate packing: 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel
SMAS Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate shipping: You can have your order shipped by sea or air as soon as you receive payment.

Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate Properties

Similar Names N/A

Compound Formula C4H7NaO3S
Molecular Weight N/A
Appearance Solids transparent in color, from opaque to colorless and light yellow transparent
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact N/A

Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate Health & Safety Information

Signal word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety statements N/A
Transport Information

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