Si3N4 Powder Silicon Nitride Ceramics Properties

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Silicon nitride An inorganic substance with chemical formula Si3N4. It’s a structural ceramic material that is important for its high hardness, intrinsic lubricity and wear resistance. The atomic structure of silicon nitride has high resistance to oxygenation and can withstand extreme temperatures.
Synthetic material, silicon nitride clays. Because of the strong covalent bond that exists between silicon and nitrogen atoms, it is very hardy, has good strength and resistance to corrosion, oxidation, abrasion and thermal shock.

Properties Silicon Nitride

The normal strength and fracture toughness of silicon nitride ceramics are high. They are strong even at elevated temperatures. High temperature stability is excellent. The following are some of its characteristics:

(1) Silicon nitride has a low linear expansion coefficient and good thermal conductivity. It is also resistant to thermal shock.
(2) Silicium nitride has a very high hardness, 99.5. It is second only to diamonds and BN.
(3) Although silicon nitride has a low friction coefficient, it’s self-lubricating.
(4) Silicon nitride exhibits good mechanical properties. Both hot-pressed and reaction-sintered samples can attain high bending strengths up to Giga Pa. High temperature creep is also very small.
The silicon nitride is good at high temperature insulation and provides good insulation properties.
(6) It is resistant to all organic acids, except hydrofluoric. It is also stable in alkalis.
Silicium nitride clays can be oxidized to form a thick silicon dioxide film, which stops further oxidation. It can withstand oxidation up to 1400 at room temperature and is suitable for use in reduced atmospheres of 1870.
(8) Silicon dioxide is non-wetting when mixed with high temperature metal solution or molten sulfur. This makes it a good choice for high-temperature solution filters and an excellent, corrosion-resistant material to molten slate.

Material industry regards silicon nitride as an engineering ceramic material. This material can be used even in extreme temperatures.

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