Preparation Scheme and Application of Amorphous Solid Germanium Oxide

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Germanium Oxide: What Does It Do?

Germanium oxide, also known as white powder, is made up of hexagonal, tetragonal, and amorphous crystals. The hexagonal morphology has a relative densitivity of 4.228 and its melting point is (1115+-4degC). The melting point for germanium oxide is (1086+-5degC). Germanium dioxide is not soluble in water or hydrochloric acids. However, it can dissolve in an alkaline solution to create germanate.

Germanium Oxide

Germanium oxide materials consist of two varieties: germanium monoxide (GEO) and germanium dioxide (GEO2). Germanium monooxide is a dark, needle-like crystal that sublimates at 710°C. One crystal form of germanium dioxide is a white, hexagonal, tetragonal crystal. It has a melting value of 1086°C with a density at 6.239g/cm3. This crystal is insoluble and insoluble in liquids. Germanium monoxide easily becomes germanium dioxide by heating in air. Disproportionation reactions can occur easily when the material is heated alone. Germanium monooxide dissolves easily in acids and strong alkali solutions. This product is known for its reducing capabilities. Germanium dioxide remains stable under heating and in the air. Although it is not easily dissolvable in acid, germanium dioxide can dissolve well in alkali to create germanate. Germanium dioxide may be produced by burning the metal germanium, germanium sulfide or in the air or by oxidizing or dehydrating germanium with concentrated nitric. Germanium monooxide is made by heating germanium dioxide and hydrogen to make it.

Germanium Oxide


Germanium tetrachloridehydrolysis: Mix 6.5 times of distilled water with germanium tetrachloride. Let it stand overnight to produce germanium dioxide precipitation. After the time has expired, rinse the lotion in cold water. Germanium dioxide can be obtained by drying germanium oxide at 200°C. Here is how to make germanium dioxide products: GeCl4 +2H2O=GeO2

Germanium Oxide

Germanium dioxide substances are used for preparations of metal germanium, other germanium compounds and as catalysts to prepare polyethylene Terephthalate resins. Lempotee Tech Co., Ltd. is a company that produces germanium oxide powder. They have over 12 years of experience in developing chemical products. We are happy to assist you in your search for the highest quality germanium dioxide powder.
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