Physical properties of silicon carbide powder pellet binder

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It is made of white polymers and contains 1% addition. It is strong in its affinity and bonding function to silicon carbide raw materials. The ball formation rate of 98%. SiC (silicon carbide) is made up of coke, petroleum coke or coke along with wood chips, salt, and is melted at high temperatures in a resistance furnace. Silicon carbide must be pure and small enough to pass through the furnace. To prevent too fine materials from being fed into furnaces as charge, the charge must be added to high-purity binder before it can be made into smelting powders. The binder is used to melt silicon carbide. It solves the gas permeability problem of the charge and completes the reaction of C with SiO2. This helps to conserve energy and decrease emissions. It is the most cost-effective way to decrease production costs. Lempotee Tech Co., Ltd. is an experienced Silicon carbide company with over 12 year experience in chemical products development and research. Send an inquiry if you’re looking for Silicon carbide of high quality.
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