Nickel (III) Bromide

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Nickel (III) bromide is a crystalline, hygroscopic green powder. It is soluble in water, and is used for chemical analysis, cross-coupling reactions, and carbonylations. The minimum purity of nickel bromide is 99%. Some high-purity forms of nickel bromide are available in submicron and nanopowder form.

Nickel bromide is used in the manufacture of nickel-based catalysts for cross-coupling and various carbonylations. It is also a replacement for nickel chloride in nickel sulfate baths. When the ion is present in aqueous solutions, it can be detected by carbon disulfide.

Most metal bromide compounds are soluble in water, and are used in crystal growth, chemical analysis, and water treatment. Nickel bromide is a widely-used reagent, and is available in high-purity form. American Elements has a variety of products for sale, including MSDS and technical information. They also offer custom packaging and testing standards. Whether you need a product for your laboratory or business, they have a product to meet your needs. Besides their standard products, they also offer customized packaging, custom product designs, and an easy-to-use conversion calculator. Whether you are looking for a specific material or just need to convert a compound, American Elements can help. And you can rest assured that your order will be processed in a safe and secure manner.

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