Nano Silver Powder

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nano silver powder can be used for a variety of applications. Its antimicrobial properties can help inhibit the growth of pathogens, making it an important part of anti-bacterial soaps and other products. It is also an important ingredient in many conductive products, such as conductive adhesives and conductive slurries used in microelectronics.

Several methods for nano silver powder preparation were explored. Among them, spray pyrolysis was employed for preparing nano silver powder about 100 nm in size. The process was carried out in a spray pyrolysis furnace with 2 wt% AgNO3 solutions and 336 mL/h flux of AgNO3 aqueous solution at 720 degC set temperature.

The results indicate that the furnace set temperature is critical to the synthesis of a nano silver powder. The higher the set temperature, the more sintered the grains become.

To improve the oxidative stability of the nano silver particles, an ion-exchange treatment was applied. This ion-exchange process makes surrounding ions pass through the encapsulation layer to bring water and dissolved oxygen, which stimulates the oxidation of the AgNPs. This process also promotes the re-addition of ions, which is the main factor in the antimicrobial activity of AgNPs.

The prepared nano-silver paste was then dried and cured for six months, and its optical transmission was observed by UV-vis spectrophotometer in the wavelength range of 400-800 nm. The results showed that the best performance was achieved when the ethyl cellulose content was 6-8 wt%. The prepared paste also showed good electrical conductivity and electrical heating performance, which was beneficial to printed electronics applications.