Is Strontium Nitrate Soluble in Water?

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Can I dissolve strontium nitrate in water?

Strontium nitrate is a chemical compound that is used to produce a red flame for fireworks and matches. It is also a strong oxidizer, so should be stored away from any flammable materials or acidic compounds that may cause fires when contact occurs.

Soluble in water (at the very least slightly so) and in nitric acid

The soluble form of strontium nitrate is a white solid that can be extracted from a bright red flame it produces when heated. It is a chemical that can be purchased from chemical suppliers.

Soluble in aqueous solutions of sodium carbonate, ammonia and acetone

The most important feature of strontium nitrate is its solubility in water. This allows it to be prepared in a variety of ways, including using strontium nitrate with a catalyst to speed up the process.

Soluble in aqueous solution of barium chloride

In the presence of an aqueous solution of sodium carbonate, the strontium nitrate can be converted to a hydrated form by adding a suitable amount of barium chloride. This is a very efficient method of producing a very high purity and highly soluble barium nitrate.

Soluble in nitric acid

In the presence of a weak acid solution, strontium nitrate is dissolved by addition of a nitric acid based catalyst. It is possible to increase the efficiency of this process by adjusting the concentration of the nitric acid based catalyst. By varying the concentration and the nitric acid based catalyst, a wide range of nitrate solutions can be produced.

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