Iron Bars in World of Warcraft

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Iron Bars are a type of block that was added in the Beta 1.8 – The Adventure Update. They occur naturally in strongholds, villages, woodland mansions and the End, and are a great way to protect your base.

They can be used as a protective wall to ward off mobs from your house. They also can be used to make an airpocket, water cage or an entrance or exit.

If a painting or sign is placed on an iron bar, it will appear to float in the air. However, this will cause it to break much quicker than if the paint is applied to any other block.

It is possible to use iron bars to create narrow slits between blocks that are too big to fit through. These slits are similar to the ones created by glass panes and fences.

They cannot be shot through and will not let arrows pass through them. This means that they are not as useful as safe sniping spots or for use in crafting recipes, but can be very handy when defending against a group of hostile mobs.

The tallest obsidian pillars in the End had iron bars around their end crystals until 16w07a. These now generate within igloo basements and have textures at the top/bottom joint of both blocks.

They can be crafted with a redstone torch and iron ore. They are available at Level 5 and weigh 2,500 each. They can be used in a variety of crafts and as the second upgrade to tier 3 tools.