Foaming Agent for Lightweight Concrete

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The cement foaming agent (also known as foaming concrete agent) is an admixture which can lower the surface tension of liquid to produce large amounts of uniform, stable foam that can be used in the manufacture of concrete.

Definition of concrete foaming agents:

Cement Foaming Agent also known as light concrete foaming agent or concrete foaming agency. This admixture can decrease the liquid’s surface tension to produce uniform, stable foam which is used in the manufacture of concrete. The foaming agent can be used to make the aqueous solution produce large quantities of foam by applying mechanical pressure into the air. The substance in question is either a surfactant, or a surface-active substance. What is essential about a foaming agent? It’s its surface activity.

Information about concrete foaming agents:

Articles Parameters
Apperance Transparent liquid
Solid Content 20%
Consumption amount in kg/m3 0.75-1.25
Foaming Multiple >=30
Bleeding rate (ml) 27
Storing method Keep it in a dark, cool place. This will prevent the risk of freezing or high temperatures.

Use concrete foaming agents:

Foaming agent can be used to make foam concrete roofs and roof thermal insulation layers.
Foaming agent is able to foam cement, lime powder, fly-ash and other raw materials for foamed concrete. It can be used to create partition boards, blocks. Hollow and solid bricks.

Foam concrete production:
1. Add 30x water to the foaming agent to make it a liquid.
2. In turn, add the cement, stones, and sand to the mixer and mix the ingredients. Finally, prepare concrete slurry.
3. You can start the foaming machine and then send the foaming liquid through the Foam Generator.
4. The foam should be added to the horizontal mixer in the amount you have chosen. Mix it well.
5. You can send the foaming slurry prepared to the molding machine.

CLC foaming agent’s advantage:

High foaming;

The foam is very stable.

Niemandy’s bleeding

It is very strong with cement.

Packaging of concrete foaming agents:

25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel.

Providers of concrete foaming agent.

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