Does Cobalt Nitrate Soluble in Water?

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Does cobalt nitrate dissolve in water?

The crystalline red cobalt nitrate (hexahydrate) is soluble in water and other polar solvents.

It is a salt of cobalt(II) and nitric acid. It is used in water treatment, formulations, battery production and petrochemicals.

Product Details :

The substance is a colorless, odorless, crystallized red powder. It has a specific gravity of 1.87.

This is a corrosive substance that may cause injury when contacted with organic compounds. It has the potential to explode when vaporized in the presence of air.

Symptoms of Exposure:

The skin and eyes are easily irritated by the substance. The substance can also irritate the digestive tract and the lungs.

Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause dermatitis and asthma.

Ingestion of this compound may lead to lung damage and a condition called nitrate poisoning.

It is probably carcinogenic to humans (Group 2A).

Animal tests show that it has toxic effects on the heart, thyroid and bone marrow.

Occupational exposure to this material may result in lung disease, liver damage and death.

Laboratory animals exposed to this substance in the course of experimental studies showed a decrease in the number of cellular contacts and the actin cytoskeleton of keratinocytes.

It is not known if this substance has any effect on the human immune system, but it may be dangerous to children and the elderly. It is therefore not recommended to be inhaled or ingested by pregnant women and young children.