Choosing the Right Material for a Cylinder Liner

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The cylinder is the cylindrical portion of an engine block. A piston, which is a rod-shaped piston, is installed in the cylinder. Cylinder liners are made of superior material to create an effective sliding surface for the piston and provide adequate lubrication. They are also designed to resist corrosion and withstand high-pressure and temperature effects. These requirements make it important to choose the right materials for a cylinder liner.

Gray cast iron is an excellent material for a cylinder. It is inexpensive, strong, and resistant to wear. It is also easy to machine and has good thermal conductivity. It is slightly porous and holds oil well to reduce ring friction, and it is naturally anti-galling and anti-corrosive.

It is important to note that cast iron has a lower heat-expansion rate than aluminum, which can cause the head gaskets to rub against the cylinder walls and crack. This is known as scrubbing, and it can lead to blown head gaskets. This problem can be avoided by choosing a cast-iron engine block with an aluminum cylinder head.

Kirkpatrick wrought iron cylinder pulls with lock covers are hand-finished in our English foundry. They are made using a traditional metallurgy process called centrifugal casting, which allows the whiteheart malleable iron to be formed into the desired shape and then cooled and hardened. These are a quality product which will last a lifetime and look better with age. The finish is rustproof and guaranteed for five years.