Carbon Bromine

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Carbon tetrabromide, also known as CBr4, is a chemical compound with the formula CBr4. It is a colorless, crystalline substance and can be prepared in 100 degC temperature by reacting tetrachloromethane with aluminum bromide.

It is used for various purposes in the industry. It can be used for making medicines (anesthetic), as refrigerants, as pesticide raw materials, as dye intermediates, and as analytical chemical reagents. It is also used for synthesis of quaternary ammonium compounds.

This compound can be dissolved in water. It is soluble in chloroform, hydrofluoric acid, and ethanol. It is also soluble in ether.

The molecular formula of this compound is CBr4. It has a density of 3.42 g/cm3 in solid form. It is a non-flammable substance but it can be explosive when exposed to heat.

It has a slightly distinctive odor and its boiling point is 189-190 degC. It has a density of 2.961 g/cm3 in liquid form.

This substance is a water soluble crystalline carbon source. It is used in water treatment, chemical analysis, and for certain crystal growth applications. It is available in ultra high purity and a wide range of volumes. It can be supplied in bulk, powders, or suspensions. It is often used as a standard for bromide ions in aqueous solutions.