Boron Phosphide

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The chemical compound boron phosphide is a semiconductor. It is used in high-power RF applications and as laser diodes. It is also a material with excellent mechanical properties and superior adhesion to base materials. Its Vickers (a) and Knoop (b) microhardness are the highest among all compounds, able to sustain up to 3 N load and higher, respectively. In addition, its fracture toughness is the highest among metals and is similar to diamond’s.

Its high thermal conductivity can be attributed to the large number of phonon modes, which are excited by a strong electric field. This feature enables it to be used in the production of low-resistance and ultra-high-speed infrared windows for aircrafts. The morphological characteristics and microstructure of boron phosphide are characterized by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope and FTIR spectroscopy.

boron phosphide epitaxial films have been grown on 3C-SiC, 3C-SiC(111) and 3C-SiC(0001) substrates by radio frequency reactive magnetron sputtering at various gas flow ratios. The chemical composition, morphology, and mechanical properties are characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectra, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, surface profilometer and nano-indenter.

The structural integrity of boron phosphide is enhanced by applying an external perpendicular electric field. The band gap of pristine and hybrid bilayers can be tuned from 0.8 eV down to zero by the applied electric field, exhibiting a Mexican-hat shape as the valence and conduction bands anticross each other, in a manner similar to biased graphene bilayers. This feature can potentially be utilized for a new generation of anticorrosive surfaces.