Application of Nano silica powder

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Lempotee Nano-manufacturer (aka. Lempotee Advanced Materials Nano Technology Co. Ltd., after many years of exploring Nano-powders as well as accumulating sales experience, has summarized specific applications for Nano-silica.
Nano-silica Light-transmissive silica can be used to make plastics lighter. It also has smaller particle sizes, making them more malleable. Polystyrene films with silica can be improved in transparency, strength, toughness and waterproofing.

While rubber has excellent flexibility, it is not able to provide a complete performance. To increase the strength, wear resistance and longevity of rubber products it is common to add carbon to them. However, because of the carbon in rubber, adding black to the product makes it all black. The grade is also not very high. China’s advent of nanoSiO2 has created a basis for the creation of new types of rubber products.
A small amount of nanoSiO2 was added to normal rubber. Its abrasion resistance and tensile strength are significantly improved. The color is also brightening and retains its color well.
While organic dyes can be brightly colored and offer strong color fidelity, they are less resistant to heat, light, solvent, migration and other environmental factors than inorganic. Surface modification of organic dyes with nano-SiO2 improves not only the anti-aging ability but also the brightness, hue, saturation.

Utilize nano-SiO2 Nano-additives that are not traditional can also be added to ceramics. This allows for the addition of second-phase particles and Nano-particles, which will increase the strength and toughness as well as the material’s hardness and elastic modulus. Nanoparticles are less effective than Nano-particles.
Use of nano-SiO2 in the composite of ceramic substrates not only enhances density, toughness, smoothness, and sintering temp but it also significantly reduces them. The application of nano-SiO2 to ceramic products, such as ceramic filters or corundum ball is another important benefit.

Sealant Adhesive
It is important to have a variety of sealants and adhesives available. You need to provide the ideal conditions for product viscosity and fluidity as well as curing speed. Many foreign products have started to incorporate nano-materials in their modification. Nano-SiO2 is the preferable material. The sealant is usually coated with organic material to hydrophobicize nano-SiO2. A silica structure quickly forms, which is when the nano-SiOX tiny particles create a network structure to slow down the flow and increase the curing speed. Because of their tiny size, nano-SiO2 particle’s impermeability and sealing properties are enhanced.

Glass product
FRP products offer the benefits of lightweight, strength and resistance to corrosion, but they are also very hardy and wear-resistant. By ultrasonic dipersion, scientists add nanoSiO2 resin to gel coat resin and compare performance with gel coats without. nano-SiO2 It has been found that it’s Mohs toughness, which was originally 2.2 (equivalent for the hardness in plaster), has increased to 2.82.9 Grade 3, (level 3 being the hardness natural marble), and the wear resistance has increased to 1 to 2x. Nanoparticles made of organic polymers and organic polymers are more tough than the original 2.2. The material’s tensile and impact strengths have increased 1 times due to grafting or bonding. Also, heat resistance is greatly enhanced as we have already mentioned.

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