Aluminum Oxide Tube and Elbows for Industrial Applications

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The refractory ceramic material aluminum oxide, also known as alumina, is found in high concentrations within many naturally occurring minerals. It has a wide variety of properties that make it ideal for demanding industrial applications, especially those involving corrosive chemicals, electricity, moving components and extreme temperatures.

It is hard, wear-resistant and electrically insulating, making it useful in a variety of different ceramic products. It’s used in heavy-duty forming tools, as substrates and resistor cores for electronics and as tiles for wear protection, thread guides in textile engineering and seal and regulator discs for water taps. It also finds use as catalyst carriers in chemical processing and as protective tubes for thermocouples.

Alumina is an excellent material for lining high-temperature appliances such as kilns, furnaces and incinerators. It can withstand very high temperatures without losing its hardness, and it’s also highly resistant to acidic and alkali substances. In its crystalline form, corundum, it’s used to produce rubies and sapphires, which get their color from traces of chromium.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories uses raw materials of the highest purity and density to ensure our alumina ceramic shapes are as close as possible to their intended application. This allows them to be lined and fabricated with less deformation under load, while providing minimal chemical reactions with furnace contaminants. Alumina ceramic lined tube and elbows are used to protect wherever high levels of wear resistance are required, including in machines and systems for mining, processing and preparing of minerals; within steel plants, paper and pulp industries and lithium battery production.