Aluminum Nitride Powder Properties And Applications

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Aluminum nitride Covalent bond compounds are known as AIN. They also have the chemical formula of atomic crystals. The aluminum nitride is an aluminum-like nitride. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and wurtzite mineral crystal structure.

Aluminum Nitride Powder Properties

Aluminium nitride, also known as AlN, has high strength, volume resistance, insulation withstand voltage and thermal expansion coefficient. This material is good for matching silicon. This metal is used not just as a reinforcing or sintering component of structural ceramics but also in the recent years. Its capabilities are far greater than that of aluminum in ceramic electronic substrates or packaging materials.
Aluminum nitride exhibits good thermal conductivity with a low thermal expansion coefficient. This makes it an excellent thermal shock material. Aluminum nitride resists molten metal corrosion well and makes a great crucible for melting aluminum, pure iron and alloy. Aluminum nitride has excellent electrical insulation properties and is a promising electrical component.

Aluminium Nitride Powder Application

1. Aluminium nitride is a powder with high purity and low particle sizes. It also has high activity. It’s the principal raw material to make high thermal conductivity aluminum-nitride ceramic substrats.

2. High thermal conductivity, low expansion factor, high strength and high resistivity make aluminum nitride ceramic substrate a great choice. The ideal material for packaging and heat dissipation in large integrated circuits.

3.Aluminum-nitride is hardier than conventional alumina.

4. You can use the thermal resistance, melt erosion resistance or thermal shock resistance of AIN ceramics to create GaAs crystal crucibles. Also, you can make magnetic fluid power generator devices, magnets for high-temperature turbines and parts that are resistant to corrosion. The optical properties of aluminum nitride may be used in infrared window applications.

5. Aluminum nitride can also be used as a film for high frequency piezoelectric components and super-large scale integrated circuit substrates.

6. Aluminum nitride has excellent heat resistance, resists corrosion by molten steel, and is highly acid-resistant. However, it can be easily corroded with alkaline solution. When exposed to humid air, the new surface of AIN forms a thin oxide film. AIN ceramics can replace harmful beryllium oxide ceramics.

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